After The Cut

With Nicole Psomas, PT, CLT/MLD


Why you need it

Have you ever seen a picture of a celebrity who recently had liposuction and in the picture her stomach is lumpy and rippled? People may think this is a result of a bad job done by the plastic surgeon.  This is not necessarily true! Often times this result is not because of the doctor, but due to poor post-operative care.


What to know

Often patients don't know the right things to do after surgery to help the healing process.  This could be detrimental to the results.  Without the right care after surgery, healing time may be slower and results may not look as good.  With my professional guidance after surgery, I will help you heal and look best you can.


This is where I come into the picture... The Psomas Method

At the initial consultation I will perform an assessment and determine a plan of care.  The techniques I perform will focus on edema reduction (swelling), increasing range of motion, decreasing pain, increasing sensation and circulation, reduce bruising and scar tissue, and ultimately maximize results and appearance.  I also teach the patient how to prevent complications and take recovery into their own hands, with detailed exercises and education materials.

Like any surgery, the decision to have plastic surgery should be made with serious consideration and not entered into lightly.  The choice to have plastic surgery is a personal one that will have a significant impact on one’s life and wallet. In today’s economy people want to get the highest quality for their money spent. Good post-operative care is a necessity to get the best result from the surgery performed. With this knowledge, the patient is empowered so they can be confident about one of the most important decisions of their life.


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